Basic Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of sawing machines has always been necessary for proper and efficient cutting, but for today’s super alloys that requirement is more important than ever. Besides following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, attending to these additional items will help ensure long life and efficient operation.

Check The Following Often

  1. Band Wheels – Remove any chips. Make sure they turn freely.
  2. Blade Tension – Use a tension meter to ensure accuracy.
  3. Blade Tracking – Make sure the blade tracks true and rides correctly in the guides.
  4. Chip Brush – Engage properly to keep chips from re-entering the cut.
  5. Guides – Make sure guides are not chipped or cracked. Guides must hold the blade with the right pressure and be positioned as close as possible to the work-piece.
  6. Guide Arm – For maximum support, move as close as possible to the work-piece.