Band Saw Talk

Band Saw Terminology

Have you heard a term being used in the industries that you are not sure of. In this section you can find all the common terms and what they mean.

Tooth Form

Understand the different types of tooth formation and what the best application is for that formation.

How Chips are Made

Under stand that the chips formed from the cutting process do not lie. Learn what to look for and how to accomplish the best cut from your blade.

Understanding Feed

Do you know what the feed means? If not learn more in this quick section on understanding feed.

Gullet Capacity

Knowing the limits of the blade can help extend the life of the blade. In this section you can learn about the capacity of the gullets and what to look for during the cutting process.

Band Speed

Knowing when to increase speed or even decrease speed is a key factor in the life of your blade.

Beam Strength

Beam strength depends on the width and gauge of the blade and the distance between guides, machine type, blade tension and the width of the material being cut. ​