Band Saw Blade Knowledge

Knowing the basics knowledge of band saw machines will help you determine the best blade for your application.

Blade Selector

Not sure what blade you need? It’s ok, visit our blade selector page or the production band saw blade page and use our Blade Selector to guide you to the right product. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Find the thickness of the material you are working with and see what the recommended blade is for your project. SIMPLE.

​Cracked, Broken And More Band Saw Blade Support

In this section there are 20 observations you can use to see where the source of the problem is originating just by looking at your old blades or a broken blade. 98% of the time you will see that improper maintenance of the machine will cause broken blades. Determining the issue can be tough, but we have created a guide to assist you with your troubleshooting, putting your mind at ease.

Radius Cutting

There are a number of things to keep in mind when cutting radius. In this guide you will learn what your machine is capable of in the radius’s you can cut with the blade you have. Keep in mind, some machines have capabilities of using a 3/4″ blade and can go as low as a 1/4″ blade.

Six Ways To Maximize Beam Strength

The position in which material is placed in the vise can have a significant impact on the cost per cut. Learn and pick up tips on how to speed up production with six helpful facts on loading a vise.

Basic Maintenance Pays Off

Just doing routine checks on your machine will extend the life and performance of your equipment. Just like a car, things wear out over time and usage. Having a simple weekly checklist will help. In this guide you will learn what items to check and keep an eye on during your production.

Proper Blade Break-In

Proper blade break-in is crucial to getting the longest life and best performance out of your blade. In this easy guide on how to properly break your blade in, you will see it’s easy to do and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on blades.