Re-Saw Sharpening

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Re-Saw Sharpening

Re-Saw Sharpening

$55.00 - $110.00 $52.25 - $104.50

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$55.00 - $110.00 $52.25 - $104.50

  • We Can ONLY Sharpen 7/8 tooth space 1.25″ up to 2″ at this time (call for any other inquires on sharpening).
  • Multiple sharpening package levels available. 1-10 Blades call if you have more. 877-318-9087
  • Shipping Charges will be added for the return Service.
  • Ship the blades to us with the downloadable form that will be received in your e-mail after purchase.
  • Once Sharpened we will ship the blades back to you.
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We Can ONLY Sharpen 7/8 tooth space 1.25″ up to 2″ at this time (call for any other inquires).

Tier Package levels:

  1. 5 Blades
  2. 6 Blades
  3. 7 Blades
  4. 8 Blades
  5. 9 Blades
  6. 10 Blades
  7. Call for more! 1-877-318-9087
  • How We Sharpen: We stock many different types of sharpening wheels. But not every manufacture offers a sharpening wheel for their blades. When we sharpen, we do our best to get as close as we can to the factory standards of the blade. Sometimes we are forced to completely change the tooth profile but we will always do our best! 
  • Our conditions: We try to sharpen every Re-Saw blade that comes in our door; however many things can happen to a blade as it goes through a log. Sometimes a blade is damaged and we are not able to sharpen it. We call these blades “rejects.”
  • Handling Rejected Blades: By default, any blade that LA Cutting Products cannot resharpen will be disposed of at the ReSharp facility. If you would like the blade(s) returned, please tell us at checkout under notes. We will call to let you know of any rejections to offer a replacement at discounted rate.
  • Reasons Blades Get Rejected:
    1. Damaged teeth
    2. Bend or kink in blade
    3. Cracks in blade
    4. Too narrow (has been ground too many times)
    5. Set to Damage to repair blade

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Re-Saw Sharpening

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