Knife Sharpening

Promotional Sharpening:

When you buy any 10 Knives you will receive 1 free sharpening Works package. Its simple,

  1. Fill the box that you receive your new knives in.
  2. Pre Paid shipping for the box of knives back to us.
  3. We will sharpen the knives and we will cover the shipping back to you.

Sharpening Services:

  1. Buy one of our sharpening package.
  2. Receive a box in the mail with a prepaid shipping label.
  3. Send the box back to us with the return label that’s included.
  4. Once Sharpened we will cover the shipping Back to you.

What We Can Sharpen:

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Santoku Knife

  3. Boning Knife

  4. The Cleaver

  5. Paring Knife

  6. Nakiri Bocho

  7. Fillet Knife

  8. Steak Knife

  9. Bread Knife

  10. Utility Knife

  11. Pocket Knives

  12. Serrated  edge

What We Can’t Sharpen:


  1. Kitchen Shears or Scissors


We will send the Knives back without any refund if any of the following apply;

  1. Knives are not CLEAN!
  2. Rust has accrued and or has rust damage.
  3. Blade edge is servery damaged.
  4. Blade is bent and unable to be sharpened.
  5. Safety or health matter to the product received.